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Inflatable Car Bed

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Every adventurer needs a place to lay their head.  Why not take a bed with you no matter where you go?!  Getting comfortable the back row of seats can be uncomfortable.  You spend more time moving around and adjusting than you do actually getting some quality sleep.

Introducing the perfect bed for those who love to go on adventures!  Whether you're going on a long road trip or going camping with your friends.  With this mattress you can turn your car seats into a comfortable place to lay down or catch some much needed rest.  Simply inflate the mattress and lay it over your back row seats.  Not only is this mattress a bed, but if you flip it over it doubles as a couch!  Lay it on the ground for a comfortable place to relax with your friends.  Make your car a great spot to get rest and relax so you have energy for all those awesome adventures!


  • Inflatable so you can use it when needed
  • Compact design when not inflated for easy storage
  • Doubles as a couch so you have a place to lounge
  • Perfect gift for those who love to travel!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Inflatable Car Bed
  • 1 x Air Pump
  • 2 x Pillows